Creative Passions Photography & Print, LLC


A KA "One Heart's Desire..." 

Her Story... 

The development of CP3 began long before the year of 2007. Throughout her childhood Femi always loved the outdoors as well as being in front of the family camera during moments of celebration and traditional family gatherings. She truly enjoyed experiencing the fresh air of nature and the beauty of what the heavens provide. It rarely struck her mind that she would become a freelance photographer, least of all the owner of a photography company. Unknown to Femi, CP3 was written in her destiny her entire life! Being inspired by vintage and traditional images in geo-scenic settings has set the tone for the adventure that is now Creative Passions Photography & Print.

Just a small secret hobby has evolved into a passion that is truly driven by Femi's natural creativity. Femi has spent years using family & friends as her muse which has allowed her to showcase her God-given talent. After only one month of going public with her company and talent, Creative Passions received its first client. CP3 has simply blossomed since its first call! Clients continue to be amazed by her ability to make a simple photo become simply amazing. One hundred percent of her clientele has been attained by word-of-mouth. She has a great "eye" and it shows in all of the work she produces! 

Femi Watson